Monday, June 20, 2011

Yes, We're Still Alive!

Wow! So much has happened since the last post...nearly 4 months ago.

... Let's go back...

Steve and I have been in Texas for over 3 months now. We set sail early March 2nd and settled for the night in Moab. We wanted to make it more of a vacation than a roadtrip so we did some site-seeing. The next day, on our way to Santa Rosa, NM, we stopped at Four Corners. Neither of us had been before. That night we stayed in a cheap motel in Santa Rosa. The next day we raced to Dallas because we had to make it there by 6pm sharp, the time our apartment office would be closed. The (insert mean word) girls in the office informed me they would not wait even 5 minutes for us to get there so we could get the keys to our apartment. We were stuck in unexpected rush hour traffic. They had zero pity on us. So here we are driving a 12 foot Uhaul with our car hitched to the back, weaving in and out of traffic. It was crazy! Lucky for us, we got there just 2 minutes before they closed! FEEEEWWW!! Relieved to finally be here, we arrived to our non-electrical (that makes sense right?) apartment. That was a completely different mess. After we unloaded the truck, we sat in our new apartment with the only light coming from 15 candles & a Coleman camping lamp. For dinner we ate chips, pretzels, & starbursts. It was quite the day, and we were happy to see it end! ... Only a few days later I was already home sick so within 2 days I had our apartment completely unpacked and pictures hung. I needed that sense of home.

 Since then....

So much has happened! ... As for Steve... he is doing AWESOME with selling! He's the top salesman in the office...I knew he would be. Thus far he has sold approx. 160 contracts. Wow! ...Now that the temperatures are in the upper 90s and on some days, past 100 degrees PLUS humidity, walking around all day knocking doors has become difficult. I can attest to that personally because I go out selling with him on a regular basis, to keep him company. It's not an easy job, that's for sure! The pay makes it worth it... as a wise man once said, "you reap what you sow".

As for Remarkable Generation, Steve's online clothing's currently on hold,  After nearly 80 hours of work, Steve took a poorly designed website and turned it into a complete functioning, attractive website. Then... 2 weeks ago the back office of the website crashed. :o( ... So currently the shopping cart is out of order. The website is still sitting pretty so feel free to check it out at Little 'ol me took the pictures for the site. ...And Steve said he wouldn't make a good model...I showed him!

As for me, I'm starting my own photography business that I've dubbed Rachel Tanner Photography (creative right? ;o) I know!). I've spent the last 3 months learning the ropes of  photography & building my portfolio. Between workshops & testing my work on willing subjects, my knowledge & skills have progressed rapidly. And I'm just getting started! The website is coming soon! ... In the meantime, go to my Facebook page (Rachel Tanner Photography) and "Like" it. :o)

Hmmmm, what else? ... Oh yeah!...

On April 29th my best friend, Amy, came to town. I was SOOO excited! During the past 11 or so years that we've known each other, we haven't been apart for this long. We were having withdrawals! Lol. (Side note: I'm so happy I married someone who can stand to be around Amy & I for more than 20 minutes...we can get pretty loud & obnoxious.... Otherwise that would have been a loooong 3 days for Steve!) ... While in town we went to Six Flags, where Amy got sick & later threw up in the parking lot of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium...epic! The next day we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. One word: awesome! I have tons of pictures posted on FB so be sure to check them out! I also took her to see the JFK memorial site. I had to give her a taste of history while she was in town.  May 2nd came to quick, then she was on a flight back to Salt Lake City.

On May 16th I flew out to Salt Lake to see one of 2 of my closest friends, Lindsey & Scottie, be sealed together in the Salt Lake City temple. That was such a wonderful experience. I'm so happy I was able to be there for them. I was able to take some pictures for them on the temple grounds, after the ceremony. You can see more pictures of Lindsey & Scottie on FB. ...I was in SLC for a total of 10 days. I was SO happy to see friends and family! I took lots & lots of pictures of my nieces and nephews. Particularly of my niece Addison. I kidnapped her from preschool and took her to Wheeler Farm for a photoshoot. She was a perfect little model!  ...As much fun as it was being back in Utah & seeing everyone again, I was REALLY missing Steve. Utah has been my only home but without Steve there, it didn't seem like home. Nevertheless I did have an absolute blast while in town & I was sad to say goodbye again.

The latest event was the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Championship. Now normally I wouldn't care but it just so happens that we live in Dallas & are surrounded by avid fans. The enthusiasm is contagious so we caught the Mav-fever. Last week we went downtown to see the parade in celebration of the win. With the large crowds it was near impossible to see over the heads, let alone take pictures. So Steve, being the very supportive husband that he is, let me sit a-top his shoulders so I could catch the action on camera. One unexpected star rolling down Victory Ave towards the American Airlines Stadium, was Jamie Foxx...what the random?! The next star came rolling in on a float. It was none other than the team's MVP, Dirk Nowitzki. I don't care what my sister says, I think Dirk's the man! It was so much fun to take part in the long-awaited celebration of the Mavericks winning the Championship. ... Poor Steve, his back is still hurting nearly one week later. Sorry honey!! I really appreciate you!!

 That's all for now... hopefully I won't wait this long to give another update!

Love ya'll!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


       I suppose I've been avoiding the world of blogging because it's become trendy, not realizing the benefits of keeping our friends and family updated on our lives. So I caved and I am now a part of the blogger world. I'm already having fun with this so here I go...
      What's new with us? ... So much! ... Last year was certainly a year of change for us. Steve graduated from Utah Valley University last April, moved back to Salt Lake City (that was a celebration for me!), and on September 3, 2010 we tied the knot.... BTW, married life rocks! We never knew it could be so much fun. ... Now we're greatly anticipating the upcoming adventures of 2011. On March 1st we will be setting sail to Dallas, TX where we will live for 6 months. After 4 offers from different companies, Steve decided to join Green Guard, selling pest control. Steve had a marketing class with the owner, Grant, when they were attending UVU last year. We met with him and his wife, and instantly new that we wanted to work with Green Guard.
       Just a little background on Steve... He sold security systems for 2 summers while in college. His first year he sold in Minneapolis and the next he sold in Detroit. It was a great opportunity for him to earn good money to pay for his college tuition. Although he didn't love it, he was dang good at it. He's a great salesman... obviously because he sold me! ;o) He could sell ice to an eskimo, as I like to say. ... We see moving to Texas as a great opportunity to get ahead financially. It will make it so I don't have to work next year so I can focus on school, something I've never been able to do. Which brings me to... well, me. After a few years of attending Salt Lake Community College, and wondering aimlessly about what I wanted to do for my career, I've finally figured it out... I want to become a photographer. It's something I've wanted to do since I got my first film camera when I was 12 years old. I just never thought it would be an option for me. I never saw any money in it, so I pushed it aside. Now I'm taking my own advice to chase after my dreams and do exactly what I want to do. Go me! In Texas I'll have the time to learn and master photoshop, as well as mastering how to use my new camera, by taking as many workshops as I can find.
        Our latest and greatest adventure has been the start of Steve's long-awaited internet business, called Remarkable Generation. He and his friend Adam Fox, have talked about starting this company for nearly two years, and it has finally become a reality. They will start by selling graphic t-shirts online, then slowly they'll introduce graphic hoodies, hats, jeans, shoes, etc. Their t-shirt designs were created by, the ever-so-talented, Jeff Woods. He's an awesome graphic designer, and a great friend to Steve. What makes Remarkable Generation so special, besides Steve and Adam's awesome innovative abilities, is their idea to contribute 10% of each purchase to charity. Their first charitable project is for the Girls' Education foundation which helps young girls in developing countries in paying for a full year of education. If you're interested to learn more about this charity, visit Steve and Adam's website just became live last week. They haven't started selling the t-shirts yet because they still have a few things to set up, but the website is up and mostly functioning. So be sure to check it out at  It's still under construction, as you'll notice if you visit the site. You can also go to to visit their blog. ...I'm so thrilled to see Steve's dream become a reality. He has more ambition than he knows what to do with.
         We are SO excited for our upcoming adventures for 2011. Stay tuned to watch this awesomeness unfold!!

Rachel  :o)